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Professor Sheikh Feroz Uddin Ahmed
Professor Sheikh Feroz Uddin Ahmed

TOTAL PHARMACY CARE- will enhance health outcomes to our people!

Bangladesh has enormous possibilities to enhance the health outcomes of the people with the improved and upgraded quality deliveries of its pharmacy care services to support and assist the medical care services in the healthcare system. In a healthcare system, concerted and coordinated four main types of health caring professional services are essentially required- namely medical, pharmacy, diagnostic and nursing. These healthcare services also require good internal adjustments, administration, planning, strategies and control of the government.

Bangladesh has achieved, to a remarkable extent; reasonable attainment in the quality aspects of the three main health caring professional services, namely- medical, diagnostic and nursing. Sorry to mention that, the quality of pharmacy care services are still staying as to the standard of the very old days of our healthcare history. If our previous governments. had tried or sponsored to improve in the degree and stakes of the deliveries, and standards of the pharmacy services in parallel lines to the improvement of the three other healthcare professional services of our country; namely medical, diagnostic and nursing, the degree of the advancements of our healthcare services would be significantly better in its capacities and merits than the present ones.

To improve the capacities and merits of our pharmacy services, we require to start with the deliveries of the Total Pharmacy Care (TPC) services in our healthcare system. TPC services will provide and ensure comprehensive; good pharmacy cares to our healthcare system. TPC services will require the consistent and continuous professional roles of the graduate Pharmacists. TPC includes all of the modern pharmacy services that are required for ensuring appropriate medication to the patients. TPC comprises of all of the collective and necessary pharmacy services that include the different aspects of drug procurement, dispensing, helping self-care by patients, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, drug information & poison control, drug utilization reviews, patient counseling, medication therapy management types of regular patient cares to ensure appropriate medication as per the medical prescriptions. Our graduate pharmacists have the capacities and merits to deliver all of the TPC services of international standards to cooperate and interject to the three above stated healthcare services in upgrading and ensuring the standard and qualities of health of the people with better results to the economic and other aspect of benefits to the people of our country.

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